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Stitching a garment: 6/8 how to cut a fabric

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In this video you will learn how to cut the fabric.

See the video “Stitching a Garment: 5/8

How to Draw a Pattern on a Fabric

The pattern to be cut has been drawn in the video,”Stitching a Garment Part 5: How to draw a pattern”.

After the pattern has been drawn, you need to cut the fabric to get the shape of the pattern.

Take the scissors and start cutting from one end of the fabric on the line drawn by chalk earlier.

Keep the cutting swift and continuous. Abrupt cutting will lead to untidy edges of the cut fabric.

Apply pressure on the fabric with the other hand simultaneously to keep the cutting in line.

The corner cuts should be sharp, cut one side, stop and then cut the other side. Continuous cutting at the corner may lead to formation of a curve.

A number of short-cuts are better than a few long-cuts, to keep the cuts straight and tidy.

You have now learned to cut a fabric.


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