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In this video you will see the different parts of the machine that you you need to check before stitching.

Touch the needle point to check its sharpness.If it has become blunt, you have to change your needle.

Rotate the presser bar thumb screw to make sure it is smooth and well oiled.

Raise and lower the presser foot lifter to ensure that it is well lubricated, the movement should be smooth and without resistance.

Pass your thread through the thread tension unit.

If the thread tension is optimal as in the video, then the tension unit is functioning properly.

Press the stitch regulator lever and rotate the stitch regulator knob the entire way to ensure that there is no resistance.

Press the bobbin latch to check the condition of the bobbin winder, the smaller latch has to lock down on to the bobbin spindle with little or no resistance.

Ensure that the latch is in contact with the spindle otherwise the bobbin will not lock in place.

Rotate the balance wheel towards you to check if the movement is fluid.

The needle should pass through the center of the hole.

After using your machine, cover it with a cloth to protect it from dust.

Your machine is now functioning optimally.


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