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How to Stitch Capris: 1/3 The Primary Stitches

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In this video, you will learn how to stitch a pair of Capris.

The first step in the process will be to sew the seams of the garment.

To learn how to make the pattern and cut the fabric, watch the previous videos.

We shall start by stitching the two layers from the waist line to the crotch point.

First, align both the layers together.

Place the waist end of the crotch seam line under the needle.

Stitch for an inch along the crotch seam line and reverse the stitch back to the starting point.

You may now sew forward down the length of the seam.

When you reach the crotch point, reverse stitch to ensure a secure seam.

Cut the thread.

Flip the piece and repeat the same process on the opposite side.

When sewing, remember to use a thread that matches your fabric.

Before stitching the inseams, we need to first stitch the hem at the end of the legs.

Straighten the leg out and tuck the end of the bottom layer out of the way.

Hold the upper layer and make a fold at the notch marking the hemline.

Press along the fold to set a crease.

Now, tuck the raw end of the fabric inward to make a double fold, as shown.

Secure the fold with a series of three or four pins.

Set one end of the hem under the needle and start sewing.

There’s no need to reverse stitch here as the inseam will cover and secure the stitch later.

Remove the pins one by one as they approach the needle.

Ensure that the fold is secured by the stitches from end to end.

Cut the thread and repeat the steps on the second layer of fabric.

Repeat the same process on the second layer of fabric.

Pick up the leg of the first layer of fabric and fold it in half such that both ends of the hem are held together, corners aligned.

Do the same for the other layer and pull the two ends apart such that the crotch points coincide.

Ensure that the seam allowances of the crotch line face opposite directions.

Use a measuring tape and a piece of chalk to mark a point one inch from the inseam edge of the hem, as shown.

Mark a point one inch from the corner along the aligned hems.

Do the same at the hem of the second leg.

Move up along the inseam and mark a point above both knees that is half an inch from the edge of the fabric.

Mark yet another one closer to the crotch point.

Mark a point half an inch from the inseam edge above the knee and another closer to the crotch point.

Now, start stitching the inseam from the one inch mark at the leg hole, past the half inch mark above the knee, till you reach the crotch point.

Follow the curve of the fabric as the seam progresses, allowing it to trail off the edge after crossing the crotch point.

Remember, the seam allowances of the crotch line should face opposite directions.

Cut the thread and repeat these steps to stitch the inseam of the second leg.

Now that the primary stitches have been completed, you are ready to make the casing for the elastic waistband.


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