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How to Cut Capris

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In this video, you will learn how to cut the fabric required to stitch a pair of Capris.

Don’t forget to watch the previous video to learn how to make the pattern.

To cut the fabric, you will need: -your pattern -a sheet of fabric -some pins -a piece of chalk -and a pair of scissors.

This video can be split in two different steps:

1 Marking the outline

Start by folding a sheet of fabric in half along its length.

Flip it over.

Hold the overlapping corners and fold it once more, such that it creates four layers that are as wide as the folded pattern.

Place the folded pattern on the fabric, such that the corners are perfectly aligned.

If necessary, adjust the folds of the fabric to accommodate the pattern placed on it.

The fold of the cloth should be aligned with the fold of the pattern.

Pin the pattern to the fabric at the points shown.

These pins will keep the pattern firmly in place on the fabric.

Use a piece of chalk to draw an outline of the pattern on the surface of the fabric.

You are now ready to cut the fabric.

2 Cutting the Fabric

Start from the hem at the leg hole, continue along the inseam arc and all the way to the waist where the Crotch Seam ends.

After removing the waste material, unpin the pattern sheet from the fabric.

Now, fold the layers of fabric along with the pattern at the point where the hemline meets the inseam, as shown.

Take a pair of scissors and snip the corner of the fold so that it forms a notch.

Repeat this step to make a notch marking the waistline along the inseam.

If you wish to verify the cut, open the layers of fabric and the pattern to ensure that they share the same dimensions.

You are now ready to stitch the capris !


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