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How to Cut a Churidar: 1/2 The Primary Pieces

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In this video you will learn how to cut the fabric required to stitch a Churidar.

Don’t forget to watch the previous video to learn how to make the pattern.

For cutting the fabric, you will need your pattern, a sheet of fabric, some pins, a piece of chalk and a pair of scissors.

This video can be split into two different steps.

We shall start with marking the outline of the pattern on the fabric.

1 Marking the Outline

Spread out the sheet of fabric on the table and place the opened-up pattern on top of it.

To give your pants better elasticity, place the pattern on the bias of the fabric.

Place the pattern at a 45 degree angle with the lengthwise and crosswise grains, also known as true bias.

Pin the pattern to the fabric at equally spaced points along the fold.

These pins will keep the pattern firmly in place on the fabric.

Using a piece of chalk, draw an outline of the pattern on the surface of the fabric.

2 Cutting the Fabric

You can now start cutting the fabric along the outline of the pattern.

When you have finished, remove the excess fabric.

Don’t throw it away, as we will use it later for cutting strips of bias tape.

Fold the fabric with the pattern along the inseam at the hemline as shown here.

Snip the corner of the fold so it forms a notch.

Now, make a notch on either side, an inch away from the crotch point.

Make yet another notch at the waistline along the inseam, and a final one where the inseam ends, past the waistline.

You can now remove the pins holding the pattern to the fabric.

If you wish, fold the pattern and place it on the fabric to to ensure that they share the same dimensions.

Repeat these steps to cut a second piece from the sheet of fabric.

Before you start stitching, learn how to cut the fabric required to make the drawstring.


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