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How to Cut a Jhabla: 2/3 Casing & Binding

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In this video you will learn how to cut the fabric required for the casing and binding of a Jhabla.

Watch the previous video to learn how to cut fabric required for the bodice.

We shall start by making a casing for a drawstring along the neckline.

1 Making the casing for the neckline

To do this, choose a fabric that complements the colour of the primary pieces and spread it out flat on top of the table.

Fold the fabric in two along its width and once more along its length.

Then, fold the piece cut away earlier from the neckline and place it at the corner of the fabric such that all folds are aligned together, as shown.

We shall cut out a circular strip which is 2 inches in width.

Mark a series of points 2 inches from the arc of the neck piece.

Once this is done, mark the outline of the neck piece.

You can now cut the fabric along the arcs.

Now that the material for the neckline casing is ready, you can proceed to cut out binding strips for the armhole.

2. Making the strips for binding

Take the remaining fabric from which the casing was cut out and ensure there is enough material left for a 9 inch strip.

Fold the cloth along the remaining length and and mark a series of points one-and-a-half inches from the fold.

Draw a line running through the points.

Now, cut the cloth along the line you have just drawn.

Put aside the excess fabric.

Cut the strip of cloth in half along the fold so that it forms two strips measuring exactly 1 and a half inches in width.

These strips will be used to bind the sleeves.

Remember that the length of the strips have to be a minimum of 9 inches.

You have now learnt how to cut fabric required for the casing and binding of a Jhabla.

To learn how to cut the drawstring, watch the next video.



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