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How to Cut a Skirt: 2/3 The Outer Layer

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In this video, you will learn how to cut tulle for the overlay of a skirt.

Tulle is a sheer-woven netting commonly used to make veils, gowns and tutus.

It may be used as a stiff support for a puffed look, or for a lacy decorative effect.

Remember to watch the previous video to learn how to cut fabric for the inner layer of the skirt.

Start by folding the tulle sheet once along its width so it’s quicker and easier to cut.

Although sheer-cut tulle is known for its lightness, this also gives it a tendency to move around even when held down.

Therefore, make sure that the sheet is spread out straight and square.

Take a second folded sheet of tulle and spread it on top of the first one.

Measure a length of 40 inches along both sheets.

Length = 40 inches .

Here, one sheet has already been cut to the right length.

Mark the length with a piece of chalk and proceed to draw a line running through it, as shown.

If you desire a skirt with a lot of gathers, use a longer sheet of tulle.

If you’re looking for a puffed-out look, try adding another layer of tulle.

Cut away the extra length beyond the 40 inch mark.

Put away the excess sheet.

The two sheets will form the front and back pieces of the overlay, which we shall join together at the side seams.

You have now learned how to cut tulle for the overlay of a skirt.

To learn how to cut material for the waistband, watch the next video.


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