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How to make proper stitches

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In in this video you will learn how to make proper stitches.

The aim is to remain faithful to the lines.

For this, you will need four pieces of cloth of different colours, a ruler and a chalk or a marker.

Draw a pattern

We will start with drawing the patterns on the pieces of cloth:

Take the first piece of cloth and with the help of the ruler and the chalk, make 5 straight parallel lines on the cloth.

Take the second piece of cloth and using the ruler and chalk, make a big square on it.

Inside the first square, make a smaller second square.

Take the third piece of cloth and again, using the chalk and the ruler make a triangle on it.

Then draw a smaller triangle inside the first one.

Make a circle on the fourth piece of cloth, using any round object, in this case a roll of tape.

Inside the big circle, make a smaller circle.

Now, we go ahead and start with the stitching.


Put the first cloth under the needle at one end of the first line.

Turn the balance wheel towards you and start pedalling in order to stitch.

Stop stitching at the end of the line.

Turn the balance wheel without moving the cloth so that you can cut the thread easily without the thread breaking.

Repeat the same process for the other lines.

Use both hands while stitching

To start sewing on the square, follow the same steps as for the straight lines.

When you reach the first corner, keep the needle inserted in the cloth and raise the presser foot lifter.

Turn the piece of fabric and continue stitching.

The needle is smashed -in for turning at corners

Repeat the same process for the smaller square.

Now, take the cloth with the triangle and stitch on the sides of the triangle marked by chalk earlier, stop at the end of each line and guide the material along the lines as done for the square

Repeat the same process for the smaller triangle.

Take the cloth with the circle drawn on it, keep any point of the larger circle under the needle and start stitching on the circular line, maintain constant speed and guide the cloth carefully.

Ensure continuous movement and constant speed.

Now stitch on the line forming the smaller circle.

NOTE: The aim of this activity is to learn stitching in a straight direction or along the required lines.

Making proper stitches is a very important part of stitching. Uneven stitching will not produce a good quality product.

You have now learned to make proper stitches.


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