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How to Cut an Angrakha: 2/3 The Front Panels

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In this video you will learn how to cut the fabric required for the two front panels of an Angrakha.

To learn how to cut the back piece, watch the previous video.

Open out the the remaining sheet of fabric on the table and place the patterns of the two front panels on top of it.

Remember that since the front part of the garment is composed of two panels there is no need to cut the fabric on fold.

Before marking the outline, pin your patterns in place on the sheet of fabric as shown.

As we did with the back panel, measure half an inch of fabric above the shoulder line of both patterns and mark both ends of their seam allowance.

Take a piece of chalk and start tracing the outline of both patterns onto the fabric.

Don’t forget to include the shoulder seam allowance in the outline of both panels.

You are now ready to cut the fabric.

Carefully cut the fabric along the outlines of both patterns.

Don’t forget to cut along the curve of the hemline.

When you have finished, remove the cutaway fabric and unpin the pattern sheet.

Once this is done, remove the patterns and align the two panels in the overlapping position into which they will be sewn.

If you like, verify the cut of the two panels by placing the patterns on top of them.

You have now learnt how to cut fabric for the front panels of an Angrakha.

To learn how to cut fabric for the drawstring, watch the next video.


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