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How to Stitch a Jhabla: 5/5 The Drawstring

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In this video you will learn how to stitch drawstring for a Jhabla.

We shall also bind the tips of the drawstring with two small pieces of fabric.

Watch the previous video to learn how to stitch the side seams.

Take the strip of drawstring material that you have cut out and fold it as shown so that the double folded piece is a third of an inch wide.

Place one end of the drawstring under the needle and start stitching towards the opposite end.

Secure the thread with a reverse stitch at both ends.

Cut the thread.

You may now insert the drawstring into the casing along the neckline.

To do this, attach a safety pin to one end of the drawstring.

Insert the safety pin into the mouth at one end of the the casing and gather up the fabric to either side as you inch the safety pin through.

Once it has reached the starting point, spread the drawstring uniformly along the casing.

Remove the safety pin.

We shall now take two square pieces of cloth with sides measuring 2 inches to bind the tips of the drawstring.

Here we have used the same coloured fabric as the casing and binding material.

Fold one square piece into a triangle as shown.

Place one end of the drawstring along the middle of the triangle and fold the triangle in half around the tip of the drawstring.

Then, stitch a V-shaped pattern such that the point of the 'V' lies over the tip of the drawstring.

Cut the thread and the excess cloth outside of the V-shaped stitch.

Now pull the raw edges of the piece of cloth over the tip of the drawstring as shown.

Cut off the cloth once again so it forms a V-shape.

Now, repeat the same process at the second tip of the drawstring.

You can now adjust both ends of the drawstring and tie a knot with them.

You have now learned to make a jhabla!.

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