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How to Cut a Tablet Sleeve: 3/4 Quilting Lines

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In this video you will learn how to prepare quilting lines for the tablet sleeve.

We shall draw a series of parallel lines and later stitch along them.

Quilting lines are used to secure the two layers of fabric on either side of the wadding and also to provide an aesthetic touch to the fabric.

Watch the previous video to learn how to cut the wadding.

Place the ruler at a 45 degree angle on the outer layer of the back panel and draw a line from end to end.

Mark a point one inch away from the line at either end, as shown.

Connect the points by drawing a line between them.

Continue doing this until you have a series of 45 degree lines, one inch apart, throughout the surface.

Now, repeat the same process on the outer layer of the front panel.

To be faster, directly mark a series of one inch points all across the cut fabric before tracing the parallel lines along them.

Once this is done, place the front panel on top of the back panel to get an idea of what the quilting lines will look like.

You have now learnt to prepare quilting lines for the tablet sleeve.

Watch the next video to learn to cut the bias tape.


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