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How to Stitch an Angrakha: 3/4 The Hem

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This video will teach you how to stich an Angrakha hem

This video is the third video of the series 'how to stitch an agrakha'.

Shri Basab Sen

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In this video you will learn how to stitch the hem of an Angrakha.

The Hem protects the edge of a garment, while giving it a neat finish.

To learn how to join the pieces.

Watch the previous video.

Start by creating a fold along the hemline, marked by the notch.

Finger press along the fold to set a crease that will serve as your guideline.

Now, tuck the raw end of the fabric inward to make a double fold, as shown.

Secure the fold with a series of equally spaced pins all the way around the garment, along bottom edge.

Set one end of the hem under the needle and start by making a series stitches along the width of the fold.

When you reach the corner, with the needle inserted, lift the presser foot and pivot the fabric by 90 degrees before proceeding to sew along the length of the hem.

Remove the pins one by one as they approach the needle.

When you reach the end of a hemline, turn the fabric by 90 degrees, as shown, and stitch along the border, off the bottom edge of the hem.

Cut the thread.

You have now learnt how to stitch the hem of an Angrakha.

To learn how to stitch the fastening string, watch the the next video.


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