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How to Cut an Angrakha: 3/3 The Bias Tapes

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In this video you learn how to cut the bias tapes for an angrakha

This is the last video in the series how to cut an angrakha

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How to Cut an Angrakha: 3/3

The Bias Tape

In this video you will learn how to cut Bias Tape for an Angrakha.

Bias tape refers to a strip of fabric cut at a 45 degree angle to the grain in order to achieve greater flexibility.

Here, we shall use the bias tape to bind raw edges and to make fastening strings for the Angrakha.

To learn how to cut the fabric for the front panels and back piece, watch the previous videos.

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How to cut an Angrakha

Choose a fabric that complements the colour of the primary pieces and spread it out flat on top of the table.

We shall start by marking the outline.

Remember, ‘cutting on the bias’ is to cut along a line that bisects the angles of the lengthwise and crosswise grain in the fabric.

To achieve this cut, take a piece of chalk and draw a line crossing from one corner of the sheet to the other.

You will need at least two strips of 50 inches in length.

Mark a series of equally-spaced points an inch away from the first line, as shown.

Once this is done, connect the points with the ruler and draw a second line that runs parallel to the first one.

Repeat the steps to draw a third parallel line another inch away.

Use a pair of scissors to cut along the three lines so that you are left with two 1-inch-wide strips of fabric.

Keep aside the remaining fabric for other projects.

You have now learnt how to cut bias tape for an Angrakha.

To learn how to stitch an Angrakha watch the next video series.

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How to stitch an Angrakha


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