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How to Stitch a Top: 4/6 The Sleeves

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In this video you will learn how to stitch the sleeves of a top.

We shall start by hemming the raw edges of the sleeves before attaching them to the bodice.

To learn how to stitch the shoulder seams, watch the previous video.

Open out the fabric cut for the sleeve and spread it out on the table.

Fold the raw edge of the hem along the notches that mark the hemline of the sleeve.

When this is done, finger press the fold to set a crease.

Fold the raw edge of the fabric inwards, once more, to make a double fold, as shown.

Secure the fold by attaching a series of pins at regular intervals.

Repeat the same steps for the other sleeve.

Do the same for the other sleeve.

Once all pins are in place, place one end of the hem under the needle.

Start stitching along the inner edge of the fold from one end of the hem to the other, removing the pins as they approach the needle.

Once this is done, make sure the stitch is uniform.

Now, repeat the same process on the other sleeve.

Do the same for the other sleeve.

We shall now stitch the sleeve to the armhole.

Open and spread out the main garment on the table with its right side out.

As you can see, the curve of the armhole perfectly matches with the cap of the sleeve.

We shall start by stitching the sleeve, where the two back notches coincide.

Make a few stitches and stop to adjust the sleeve cap to the armhole before proceeding ahead.

Keep doing this, gradually matching the cap of the sleeve to the armhole, as shown.

The three notches should be always aligned.

Make sure that the notch at the centre of cap is aligned to the shoulder seam.

Start stitching and adjust both pieces as you proceed.

If you find it difficult to stitch while adjusting the pieces, first secure them together by attaching pins.

Stitch slowly around the curve and stop whenever you need to adjust the pieces.

When you reach the shoulder seam, make sure that it is still aligned with the notch at the center of the sleeve cap.

Keep adjusting the edge of the sleeve cap to make sure it fits over the shoulder point with a smooth finish and continue stitching to the other end of the sleeve.

As you finish the seam, ensure that the notches marking the side seams are aligned together.

Cut the thread and repeat the same step to stitch the other sleeve.

Do the same for the other sleeve.

Make sure that you have a uniform seam.

Now that both the sleeves are stitched to the main garment, you can proceed to stitch the side seams.


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