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Stitching a garment: part 1: how to take measurement

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In the following video series you will learn how to make a garment, from measuring to stitching it. Here, for simplicity's sake we have chosen a pillow cover.

In this video you will learn measuring.

This tutorial is split into 3 steps:

Measure the back

STEP 1: Measuring the back.

Flatten The pillow cover on the table with the back on top.

Measure the length of the back and note it down as the “back length”.

back length = 29.5 inches

In this case it is 29.5 inches.

1 inches for hem

When measuring a garment, don’t forget to account for the hem length.

The hem is folded, turned and sewn to avoid unravelling.

As you can see here, after the stitch, the length of the hem is 0.5 inches.

0.5 inches

Therefore add 1 inch to the back length.

back length + Folding hem

29.5 inches + 1 inches = 30.5 inches

Add another 0.5 inches to the back length and folding hem, which is the inside “ Seam Allowance ”.

The seam is also folded, turned and sewn at the length sides of the garment.

(Back Length + folding hem) + Seam allowance

30.5 inches +0.5 inches= 31 inches

+0.5 inches for seam allowance

Measure the front

Now measure the length of the front of the pillow cover and note it down as “ front length “. In this case the front length is 30.5 inches.

Front length = 30.5 inches

Add the inside “ Flap length “ to the front length. In this case it is 3.5 inches

3.5 inches for flap length

Front length + flap length

= 30.5 inches + 3.5inches

= 34 inches

Add 1 inch to the front length, for the “ Flap hem “ .

1 inch for flap hem

(front length + Flap length) + Flap hem

= 34 inches + 1 inches

= 35 inches

To this add 0.5 inches as the inside “ Seam Allowance “.

+0.5 inches for seam allowance

(Front length + Flap length + Flap hem) + Seam allowance

= 35 inches + 0.5inches

= 35.5 inches

So, the total front length is 35.5 inches.

Measure the Width

STEP 3: Measure the width

In this case it is 19.5 inches.

Width = 19.5 inches

Add 0.5 inches to the width of the pillow cover as “ Seam allowance “ on both side.

+0.5 inches for seam allowance

Width + (seam allowance x 2)

= 19.5 inches + (0.5 inches x 2)= 20.5 inches

You have now learned to measure a garment.


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