How to Stitch a Top: 3/6 The Shoulder Seams

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In this video you will learn how to stitch the shoulder seams of a Top.

To learn how to stitch a facing to the back neckline, watch the previous video.

Watch the video: How to Stitch a Top: 2/6 Back Neckline Facing .

Spread out the back piece of the garment on top of the front piece with the right sides together and the shoulders aligned.

Use the notches as a guide to help you align the layers.

Ensure that the creased lines marking the shoulder seamline are also aligned.

Place the neckline end of the shoulder under the needle with a half inch seam allowance, start with a reverse stitch and proceed along the crease towards the other end of the shoulder.

Finish with a second reverse stitch.

Now, lift the presser foot with the needle inside, flip the garment over and push the presser foot down.

Run a second stitch over the first one.

When you reach the end of the seam, finish with a reverse stitch, cut the thread and repeat the steps on the other shoulder.

Make sure the stitches are uniform.

You have now learnt how to stitch the shoulder seams of a Top.

Now that the front and back pieces are joined, you can proceed to stitch the sleeves.

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