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Stitching a garment: part 4: how to pin a pattern to a fabric

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In this video you will learn how to pin a pattern to the fabric.

Refer to the previous video to learn how to place a pattern.

See the video: Stitching a Garment; ⅜

Pinning a Pattern is an important step, it keeps the pattern intact and prevents errors when tracing.

See to it that both, the fabric and the pattern, are pinned together without a gap between them and without frills.

Spread the pins across the pattern evenly.

As we have a rectangular pattern, we pin all the four corners of the pattern to the fabric.

Repeat the same for the front pattern of the pillow cover.

In case of patterns of different shapes, pin the pattern in such a way that no part of the pattern slips away or gets folded.

Pinning the pattern incorrectly may lead to an inaccurate shape of the garment.

You have now learned to pin a pattern to a fabric.


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