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How to Cut a Skirt: 3/3 The Waistband

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In this video you will learn how to cut fabric for a Waistband.

A waistband is simply a strip of cloth cincturing the waist of a garment.

We shall make a waistband with a casing to hold an elastic strip.

To learn how to cut material for the overlay of the skirt, watch the previous video.

Spread out a sheet of fabric with the same colour as the inner layer.

We shall cut out two identical strips for the waistband.

To do this, mark a series of points along the longer side that are 5 inches from the edge.

Mark a series of points 5 inches from the edge.

Once this is done, fold the sheet along the 5-inch points.

Check again to ensure that the fold measure a height of 5 inches.

If it does, proceed to cut the fabric along the edge of the overlap, as shown.

Fold the remaining fabric and keep it aside for another project.

Now, mark series of points 21 inches along the length of the folded fabric.

Mark 21 inches along the length.

Draw a line running through the marked points.

Cut both folds of the fabric along the 21 inch line.

Only the 21-inch strip is needed.

Now, finger press along the fold to set a crease.

Cut the piece along the fold so you are left with two sheets measuring 21 inches in length and 5 inches in height.

Put away the cut fabric.

We shall now cut out a strip from an elastic band to be encased in the waistband.

Measure 28 inches of the elastic strip and make a mark.

Length = 28 inches

Cut along the mark so that you are left with a 28 inch strip of elastic.

Arrange the two pieces of waistband fabric side-by-side.

Fold the strip of elastic in half.

The strip will be encased in the waistband to hold the skirt around the waist.

As you can see, the strip of elastic is twice as long as the waistband pieces when stretched completely.

When released, the elastic strip becomes shorter, gathering the waistband together.

You have now learned how to cut material for the waistband of a skirt.

Watch the next video series to learn how to stitch a skirt.


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