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How to Make a Pattern for an A-Line Frock

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In this video you will learn how to make the pattern for an A-Line Frock.

A frock is a dress or light overdress more commonly worn by younger girls.

The A-line Frock is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, taking the shape of the capital letter A.

To make a pattern, you will need: ● A Pattern Sheet ● A Ruler ● Markers in 3 different colours ● And, a pair of Scissors

Take a pattern sheet and spread it flat on the table.

Remember that patterns are often cut ‘on fold’ for symmetry.

You therefore need to fold the pattern sheet once along its length so it forms a rectangle with two longer sides.

If you want to adapt the garment to your own size, you will need the following measurements:

The Waist circumference The Hip circumference The Bust circumference The cross back length The Arm hole depth And the Hollow-to-hem length

Both the front and back of the A-Line Frock that we shall create will be cut from the same pattern.

Begin by marking the following points so that the basic design of the pattern is ready.

Start by marking point A, 0.5 inches from the top edge along the fold.

Shift the ruler further along the width and mark another point half an inch from the top.

Draw a line through these points spanning the width of the sheet.

AB = 22 inches

We shall now mark the length of the frock, along the folded side of the pattern sheet.

To do this, mark point B, 22 inches from A, along the folded edge.

Shift the ruler further along the width of the sheet and mark another point 22 inches from the line running through A.

Make sure the ruler is held perpendicular.

Draw a line through the two points, spanning the width of the sheet.

This line represents the hem.

We shall now mark the bust line.

Place the ruler along the 0.5 inch line from the top edge and mark point C, 4.5 inches from A.

AC = 4.5 inches

Now, place the ruler along the fold and mark point D, 5.5 inches from A towards B.

AD = CE = 5.5 inches

Shift the ruler parallel to AD and mark point E, 5.5 inches from C.

Draw the line CE.

Place the ruler perpendicular to the fold and mark point F, 7 inches from D, past E.

DF = 7 inches

Draw a line from D to F.

We shall now mark the points that make up the side seam of the frock.

Place the ruler perpendicular the fold and mark point G, 9 inches from B.

BG = 9 inches

Now, draw a line that connects the points F and G.

Once this is done, mark point H, 1 inch from G on the line FG.

GH = 1 inch

We will now mark the layout of the neckline.

On the line AB, mark points I and J, 2.7 and 1.7 inches from A, respectively.

AI = 2.7 inches AJ = 1.7 inches

Mark point K, 1.7 inches from A, towards C.

AK = 1.7 inches

With the ruler held parallel to the line AK, mark point L, 1.7 inches from I, and point M, 1.7 inches from J.

Draw a line from K to L.

You may now proceed to mark the hem allowance of the frock.

Mark two distant points an inch below the hemline and draw a line through them.

BN = 1 inch

Extend the line FG to the line you have just drawn.

Now, along the extended line, mark point S, 0.1 inches below G.

GS = 0.1 inch

We shall next mark the points that define the curve of the arm hole and then mark the shoulder.

On the line CE, mark point P, 0.3 inch below C, and point Q, 1.1 above from E.

CP = 0.3 inch EQ = 1.1 inches

Draw a line between the points K and P.

KP is the shoulder line.

You may now draw the arcs that define the curves of the neckline, arm hole the rounded end of the hem.

Start by drawing arcs from K to J, and from M to I to define the neckline of the front and back pieces.

Now draw an arc from P to F that defines the armhole of the back piece.

Draw another arc from P to F, this time, passing through Q, to define the front arm hole.

The front arm hole will have a bigger curvature than the back one.

Draw an arc from point H into the line BG, as shown.

Now, draw a parallel arc from point S into the hem allowance line.

These two arcs define the rounded ends of the hem.

You may now proceed to define the side seam allowance.

Mark a series of points at a distance of 0.5 inch from the side seam line using a second colour.

Seam = 0.5 inches

Once this is done, draw a line running through the points and use the same colour to shade the seam allowance, as shown.

Repeat the process along the armhole, but use many more equally spaced points for a precise arc.

Seam = 0.5 inches

Join the points with a dotted line and shade the seam allowance.

Now, using a third colour, shade the hem allowance, as shown.

You may now start cutting the pattern along its outline.

Start cutting the pattern along the hem allowance line from the folded edge.

Follow the outline all the way up to C.

Now, cut along the back neckline arc from J.

Finally, cut a line from the top edge to the point C that runs parallel to KP, defining the shoulder seam allowance.

Shade it using the second colour, as shown.

If you like, open out the the folded pattern and verify the dimensions and shape.

You have now learnt to make the pattern for an A-Line frock.

RECAP AB = 22 inches AC = 4.5 inches AD = 5.5 inches DE = 4.5 inches DF = 7 inches BG = 9 inches GH = 1 inch AI = 2.7 inches AJ = 1.7 inches AK = 1.7 inches KL = 2.7 inches KM = 1.7 inches GS = 0.1 inch CP = 0.3 inch EQ = 1.1 inches RC = 0.5 inch

Don’t forget to watch the remaining videos to finish your garment.


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