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How to Stitch a Skirt: 4/4 The Casing

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In this video you will learn to stitch a casing along the waistband of a skirt.

The casing will hold an elastic strip that will cling onto the waist.

Watch the previous videos to learn how to create gathers around the waistband.

Start by pulling out the free end of the waistband from the skirt and place the strip of elastic cut earlier inside of it, as shown.

Now, make a half-inch fold with the raw end of the waistband piece.

Make some marks along this fold to set the casing allowance.

Make some marks at 0.5 inches along the fold.

Now, make a second fold so that it forms a casing wide enough for the elastic strip.

We shall stitch along the fold to make the casing for the elastic strip.

Remove the elastic strip and place the edge of the fold under the needle.

Start stitching the casing in place all around the waist, completing the fold and adjusting the skirt as you progress.

For a better finish, it’s recommended that you choose a thread with the same colour as your garment; here we used white for more clarity.

Stitch as close as possible to the edge.

Stop about 3 inches before the starting point and cut the thread.

This gap will permit the elastic strip to be inserted into the casing.

Ensure that you have run a uniform stitch and that the side seams are aligned together.

We shall now insert the elastic strip into the casing.

To do this, attach a safety pin onto one end of the strip of elastic.

Now, insert the safety pin into the casing.

Gather up the fabric on either side as you inch the safety pin through the casing.

Once it has reached the starting point, join both ends of the strip with the safety pin and spread the elastic uniformly through the casing.

The elastic strip will bring even more gathers along the waistband, creating a flowing, puffed look.

Once this is done, remove the safety pin and pull out both ends of the elastic strip and stitch them together where they overlap, as shown.

Make multiple stitches along the overlap, both vertically and horizontally, to secure the ends together.

Cut the thread and ensure that there are no twists in the waistband.

You can now stitch along the gap in the casing to seal it shut.

To obtain a straight stitch, don’t forget to keep the the elastic stretched out.

Cut the thread when the stitch is complete.

Ensure the stitches are uniform and secure.

You have now learnt how to stitch a Tulle overlay skirt! .


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