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How to Stitch Capris: 2/3 The Casing

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In this video, you will learn to make a casing.

A casing is a hollow channel that contains a waistband or a drawstring.

It’s a quick way to cinch a garment and can help you finish a skirt, shorts, or pants without making a separate waistband.

Remember: the primary stitches have already been covered in the previous video.

To prepare the casing, we first need to make a fold between the two notches marking the waist line.

Hold the waist and turn out the fabric at the notches.

Press along the fold to set a crease.

Now, make a double-fold by turning in the raw edge, as shown.

Secure the folds by attaching pins at regular intervals.

Do this all the way around the waistline.

Once all the pins are in place, start stitching along the fold an inch from the crotch line, towards the direction of the stitch.

Remove the pins as they approach the needle.

Don’t forget to adjust the fabric into position as you progress.

The fabric should always be flat and properly aligned under the needle.

When you reach the end, stop stitching an inch before the crotch line.

This gap in the stitch will be used to insert the elastic strip into the casing.

Take the strip of elastic, measure 14 inches and cut it with the scissors.

Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic strip.

Now, insert the safety pin into the casing.

Gather up the fabric on either side as you inch the safety pin through the casing.

Once it has reached the starting point, remove the safety pin.

Pull out both ends of the elastic strip and stitch them together where they overlap, as shown.

Make multiple stitches to secure the waistband.

Cut the thread and spread the elastic uniformly through the casing.

Ensure that there are no twists in the waistband You can now stitch along the gap in the casing to seal it shut.

To obtain a straight stitch, don’t forget to keep the the elastic stretched out.

Cut off the thread when the stitch is complete.

You have now learnt to make a casing for the elastic waistband.

Turn out the right side of the garment and cut off any extra trails of thread to give the garment a neat finish.

To learn how to stitch trimmings on the Capris, watch the next video.


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