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How to Cut a Tablet Sleeve: 1/4 The Primary Pieces

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In this series you will learn how to cut and prepare the fabric required to stitch a tablet sleeve.

We shall begin with the primary pieces.

Watch the previous video to learn how to make the pattern for a tablet sleeve.

To cut material, you will need Two sheets fabrics A ruler A piece of chalk A pair of scissors A sheet of wadding And some pins

1. Marking the outline.

Since we are making a bi color sleeve, we have used two sheets of fabric with complimentary colours.

Purple for the binding and the inner layer of fabric, and Teal for the outer layer.

Spread the two sheet of fabric one on top of the other, as shown, aligning the corners.

We shall begin by marking the outline of the pattern on the fabric.

To do this, place the pattern sheet on top of the the two layers and proceed to pin it down in its position.

Use a piece of chalk to draw the outline of the back panel on the top layer of fabric.

You may now remove the pins.

Fold the pattern along the base of its flap and place it alongside the outline drawn on the fabric.

Proceed to draw the outline of the front panel.

Now that the front and back patterns have been marked on the fabric, you can go ahead and start cutting both layers along the outlines.

2. Cutting the fabric

Take care when cutting along the curve of the flap.

Don’t forget to cut the raw edges as well.

Place the front panel on top of the back panel to verify the dimensions of the cut.

You have now learnt to cut fabric for a tablet sleeve.

Watch the next video to learn how to cut the wadding.


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