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How to Stitch a Tablet Sleeve: 3/3 The Velcro Patch

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In this video you learn how to stitch a Velcro patch on a Tablet Sleeve.

To learn how to bind the raw edges of the tablet sleeve.

Start by taking a strip of velcro and cutting out a piece measuring an inch.

Separate the hook side and the loop side.

Fold the tablet sleeve into half to find the centre point.

Now, fix upon a point on the flap along the center of the sleeve, to stitch the loop side of the Velcro.

Place the hook side on the corresponding point of the front panel, as shown.

Place the flap with the hook side of the velcro under the needle and run a stitch along its upper edge, beginning and ending with a reverse stitch.

Lift the presser foot, pivot the sleeve by 90 degrees and continue to stitch the rest of the sides in place.

Make a reverse stitch before stitching off the corner and cutting the thread.

Now repeat the same process to stitch the hook side onto the front panel.

Make sure you find the matching point before you stitch the hook side so it is aligned with the loop side when the flap is closed.

Once both pieces are secured, close the flap to test the velcro.

You have now learnt how to stitch a tablet sleeve.

It’s time to try on your tablet’s garment! .


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