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How to Stitch a Salwar: 1/5 The Waistband

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In this video series, you will learn how to stitch a Salwar.

We shall begin by stitching the waistband of the Salwar.

Remember, making a pattern and cutting the fabric was covered in the previous videos.

To Stitch a Salwar, you will need Your cut Fabric A sewing machine Thread A safety pin A pair of scissors A measuring tape And some pins.

Take the fabric that has been cut for the waistband and align both ends together, as shown.

Position the notch marking the seam allowance under the needle.

Start with a reverse stitch and proceed to the other end of the seam.

Make a reverse stitch on the other end as well before cutting the thread.

Ensure that the seam is uniform.

Flip the fabric over to the face side and finger press the stitch so that it settles in the fabric.

Now, we shall stitch the mouth of the drawstring casing.

Hold one of the raw ends of the waistband and make two quarter inch folds from the top, that taper off below the waistline, as shown.

This will provide a better finish to the mouth of the casing.

Starting from the end of the taper, stitch the folds in place, securing the raw edges of fabric.

Cut the thread.

Repeat the steps to secure the second opening of the casing at the other end.

Repeat the same process for the second layer.

Ensure that the resulting finish is as shown here.

Now, make an inward fold at the notch marking the end of the casing.

Spread the fold all along the length and finger press to set a crease.

Now fold the raw edge inward to make a double fold as shown.

Pin the folds down along the entire length of the waistband.

Place one end of the fold under the needle and Start stitching.

Remember to reverse stitch at the beginning and end of a stitch.

Remove the pins one by one as they approaches the needle.

The casing for the drawstring is now ready.

Watch the next video to learn how to gather fabric for a Salwar.


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