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How to Stitch an A-Line Frock : 1/4 The Necklines

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In this video series, you will learn how to stitch an A-Line Frock.

To complete an A-Line Frock, you need to sew the facing to the neckline, make a hem along the bottom edge, bind the edges of the neckline and armhole, and stitch the side seams.

To learn how to make the pattern and cut fabric for an A-Line Frock, watch the previous videos.

To stitch an A-Line Frock, you will need: Your Cut fabric a Sewing Machine Thread Some Pins And a Pair of Scissors

We shall start by sewing the previously-cut facing along the neckline of the garment.

To do this, spread out the back piece of the garment flat on top of the table with its right side up.

Place the facing against the neckline with its wrong side up.

Make sure the edges are properly aligned.

Once this is done, attach two pins, as shown, to secure the pieces together.

Place one end of the neckline under the needle and start stitching with a reverse stitch and proceed along the neckline, a quarter of an inch from the edge.

If you need more practice with stitching along a curve, refer to the video on making proper stitches.

When you reach the corner of the neckline slit, lift the presser foot with the needle in the fabric, pivot the fabric and push down the presser foot.

Continue in the same way, stitching all along the neckline.

Don’t forget to reverse stitch when you reach the end of the neckline to ensures that the thread stays secure.

Cut the thread and check the stitch for uniformity.

Now, clip into seam allowance all the way to the stitching line, at intervals along the curve.

Snip off fabric at corners.

This step will help the facing bend along with the curve of the neckline.

Extend the end of the neckline slit all the way to the neckline seam.

Make sure you don’t reach the stitch as you cut the seam allowance.

You may now remove the pins.

Now, flip the facing over to the wrong side of the back piece.

To get neat corners, push the corners with the scissors or a pointed object.

Take care to ensure that the fabric does not get damaged.

Once this done, finger-press the neckline so that it settles in place.

The neckline is now ready to be stitch along its edge.

Edge stitching helps the curved neckline stay in shape.

With the right side facing up, start stitching from one end, all along the neckline.

The stitch has to be as close as possible to the edge.

As we followed earlier, use the same pivoting technique to stitch past the corners.

Adjust and hold down the fabric as you progress.

Continue stitching to the end of the neckline.

Finish the seam and cut the extra thread.

Verify the stitches and turn over to the wrong side of the back piece.

Fold the raw edges of the facing inwards, as shown.

Near the slit, fold the bottom of the facing into a V-shape.

Finger press to set a crease over the folds.

We do not need to secure the fold here.

In case you find it difficult to stitch the facing instantly, you may secure it by attaching the pins or by applying a running stitch by hand.

We shall now edge stitch along the folds made in the facing.

As before, the stitch has to be as close as possible to the edge.

As we did before, use the same pivoting technique to stitch past corners.

Keep adjusting the folds in place as you proceed to finish the seam.

Cut the thread.

You have now learnt how to stitch the facing onto the neckline of the frock.

To continue learning how to stitch an A-Line frock, watch the next video.


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