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How to Cut a Salwar: 2/2 The Drawstring

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In this video you will learn how to cut the fabric required to make a drawstring.

Remember: cutting out the primary pieces has been covered in the previous video.

Spread the fabric flat on a table.

The length of the drawstring will be twice the length of the waistband and the width will be 1 inch.

Length = twice the width of the waistband Width = 1 inch.

Mark a series of points an inch from the longer edge of the sheet and use a ruler to draw a line that runs through them.

Cut the fabric along the line.

In case you can’t get a long enough strip right away, repeat the same steps with any extra fabric to get more length for the drawstring.

Snip the ends to square them.

These strips of fabric will be folded and stitched into a drawstring.

You are now ready to stitch the Salwar.


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