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Wicket Keeping Drills - Part 2

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Follow these drills to become a better wicket keeper.

This training is designed for beginners to the game of Cricket.
In the next video, you will learn some basic catching drills.

In this second video, learn some more exercises to practice your wicket keeping skills.

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In this video you will learn more drills for the wicket keeper.

Make sure you haven't missed part 1 of the wicket keeping drills.

You will need stumps, a cricket ball and cones.

Wear pads and gloves whenever you can to get used to moving in them.

Get into the wicket keeping stance and have someone throw the ball to the left and then to the right over shoulder level.

Rotate your torso to get both hands on the ball.

Stand behind the stumps in the wicket keeper's position.

Have one player bowl while another shaddow bats, deliberately missing the ball with every stroke.

Practice stumping the wicket every time you collect the ball.

Now, continue with the same setup, but get the player in the batting position to deflect the ball by waving a glove at it.

You can use anything flimsy to cause light deflections, helping you improve your response time.

Stand with your back to a second player who has a ball in hand.

Turn around with a jump while the second player throws the ball towards you, either to the left or to the right or straight at you.

Stand in position behind the stumps and get another player to throw the ball to the left and then to the right of the stumps.

Collect the ball with the opposite hand.

Keep practicing these drills to improve your technique.

Enjoy your game.


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