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How to Bowl Good Line

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Watch this video to learn how to bowl a good line in Cricket.

This free video tutorial series focuses on providing a foundation in Cricket.
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Bowling a consistent line and learning how to vary it are some of the most important aspects of your bowling technique. Take a look at this video for everything you need to know!

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In this video, you will learn how to bowl good line.

The line of a delivery refers to the path of the ball in the horizontal axis from the off side to the leg side of the batsman.

A good bowler needs to be able to maintain a consistent line to develop accuracy and to execute an effective strategy.

Line may include swing induced on the ball while it is in flight, as well as variations caused by spin during bounce.

Bowlers commonly aim the ball directly at the wicket in an attempt to get the batsman out bowled.

Fast bowlers may aim for the corridor of uncertainty on or just outside of off stump, as it is difficult to tell whether or not such a ball is likely to strike the stumps.

An alternate strategy is to concentrate the attack near the line of leg stump, aiming to cramp the batsman, forcing him play with the bat close to his body.

Variation in line is as important as consistency and is used to take the batsman by surprise.

When the ball is not close enough for the batsman to be able to hit it, it constitutes a wide ball.

Keep practicing to bowl a consistent line.

Enjoy your game.


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