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Ball on Cone Drill

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Improve your endurance and fielding with these basic ball on cone drills.

The content presented here is meant to help you grasp essential Cricketing knowledge and skills.
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Watch this short tutorial video to learn a simple drill for improving your fielding skills using balls and cones.

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These drills will help players build up their stamina and speed.

You will need four saucer cones, four balls and a basket.

Place four saucer cones in a line with about 15 feet between them place a ball on top of each one.

Two players stand 10 feet from the first cone, ready to start running, while the second player waits just behind him.

The first player runs to the first cone, picks up the ball, claps his hands with the ball in the air and places it back on the cone before running to the second one to repeat the action.

As soon as the ball is in place on the first cone, the second player follows the first player, in an attempt to catch up and tag him.

When the first player has passed the fourth cone, he runs around and back to the 3rd cone, then the 2nd cone and finally the 1st cone to complete the round.

If however, the second player manages to tag him before this, he's out.

If either of the players lets the ball roll off the saucer cone in their hurry, they must go back and replace it before continuing.

The players switch places in the next round.

Spread out four saucer cones in different parts of the field at varying distances from a basket.

Place a ball on top of each saucer cone.

Run as fast as you can to each saucer cone, pick up the ball and run back to place it in the basket.

Try to get a second player to time you.

He can try to outdo your record the next time.

Enjoy your game.


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