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How to Bowl an Off Spin

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Learn to bowl Off Spin by watching this short tutorial video.

This lesson is intended to instruct novices looking for a practice and perfect their Cricketing skills.
Make sure you have seen all the remaining videos on how to bowl an Off Spin.

The simple instructions will help you to master the technique you need for a bowl off spin so that you can improve your game.

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In this video, you will learn how to bowl off spin.

The basic off spin, or off break, is bowled by generating a side spin on the ball that turns it into the right-handed batsman.

It is bowled with the arm on the outside of the ball, by turning it with a quick motion of mostly the fingers and some wrist.

The three key steps are: the grip, the run up and the delivery.

Grip the ball with the top knuckle of the index and middle fingers spread across the seam.

The little finger and thumb are usually tucked away to the side and the ring finger may be used for support.

Take about 5 steps to the bowling crease from a point slightly diagonal to the stumps You may also choose to bowl around the wicket to find the right angle.

As you reach the crease, spring into a coiled position and uncoil as you bring your front foot down on the crease.

Swing your bowling arm forward with your wrist hinged back.

Roll your wrist forward, over the top, turning the ball from the forefinger to ring finger, causing the ball to spin as it is released.

Aim the ball at a good length outside off stump, spinning it into the right-handed batsman.

Remember that if your bowl too close to the stumps, the batsman may hit the ball away into the leg side.

Keep practicing to perfect your off spin.

Enjoy your game.


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