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Bowling Drills - Part 2

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Perfect your bowling skills by following these drills.

The information presented in this video aims to instruct those starting to play Cricket for the first time.
If you're a complete beginner, watch the previous video to improve your basic bowling action.

In this second tutorial video, learn more ways of practicing your bowling skills with these helpful exercises.

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These drills will help you strengthen your bowling action and get prepared for the game.

You will need: A set of stumps, a cricket ball, one bat and a resistance band.

Get a second player to loop the resistance band around your waist and try to hold you back as you run forward.

This will help you build and sustain your momentum throughout your run up when bowling pace.

To strengthen your bowling arm, get someone to hold one end of the resistance band while you pull the other end over your shoulder and forward with a hurling action.

Make sure you don't bend your elbow.

This next drill is meant to help bowlers stay focused under pressure.

Four players take over the roles of wicket keeper, batsman, fielder and bowler.

The batsman stands idle near the stumps with a bat and a second ball, ready to give the bowler a catch as soon as the delivery has been released.

The wicket keeper collects each delivery and passes it to the fielder who will in turn bowl the next ball.

In this way the bowler's reaction and recovery time is put to test.

The fielder passes the ball to the batsman before the next delivery.

Enjoy your game.


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