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Introduction to Cricket

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This short tutorial video will give you an overview of the game of Cricket.

Keep watching to get acquainted with the sport of cricket!

This introductory video has been specially designed to help you grasp the basic concepts of Cricket before you start playing and will teach you the basic rules of a game.

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In this video, you will learn the basics of how to play cricket.

Cricket is a bat and ball game played between two teams with 11 players on each side.

It is ideally played in a large oval field with a 66-foot, hardened playing surface, or pitch, in the center.

A wicket, made of 3 wooden stumps and a pair of wooden bails, is set up on either end of the pitch and a crease is drawn 122 cms in front of the wickets.

The field to the left of a right-handed batsman is called the leg side or on side, and the field to their right is called the off side.

A game consists of two innings separated by a break.

During the first innings, one team scores runs by batting, while the other stops runs from being scored and takes wickets by bowling and fielding.

You can check out the video on the 'different ways a batsman can get out' In the second innings, the fielding side from the first innings have to bat and chase the score set by their opponents, while the batting team from the first innings defends their total by bowling and fielding.

You can check out the video on how to score runs.

When the game is in play the batting team waits outside the field, except for two among them who are sent in to score runs.

The striker defends their wicket from the bowler's delivery, while the non-striker waits behind the bowler's crease, ready to run between the wickets to take runs.

The bowlers in the fielding side take turn to bowl sets of six deliveries, known as overs.

They deliver each ball from behind the bowling crease, aiming to hit the wicket on the striker's end of the pitch.

You can check out the video on 'introduction to bowling'.

The fielders, meanwhile, spread themselves out on the field to stop the ball struck by the batsmen and return it to the wicket.

They work together to obstruct the batsmen from scoring runs and try to get them out one by one, until 10 wickets have been lost or all overs have been bowled.

If the team batting second manages to exceed the total score set by their opponents, they win the game.

If both teams have scored the same number of runs at the end of the game, the result is a tie.

As you watch and play more cricket, the rules will become more clear to you.

Enjoy your game.


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