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Bowling Drills - Part 1

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Learn the basic action required to bowl in Cricket by practicing these bowling drills.

This video series will introduce beginners to Cricket.
Watch the next video to learn drills to perfect your bowling action.

This short video will teach you some simple drills to help you master your bowling technique

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These drills will teach you the basics of bowling.

You will need: A set of stumps, two balls, one bat and saucer cones.

Stand side-on at the crease and hold the ball in front of your chest with both hands.

Bring the leg on the side of your non-bowling arm in position to take the last step of the action before the ball is released.

Now rock back and forth till you feel ready to bowl.

When you're ready, raise your non-bowling arm in line with the wicket, rock forward and launch the ball over your shoulder without bending your elbow.

Move both arms beyond your waist on the side of the non-bowling arm and step towards the target with your back leg.

This drill will help bowlers develop consistency in line and length.

Place four cones on the pitch to mark a segment at full length just outside the line of the off stump and place a fifth cone in the center.

Bowl an over trying to pitch exactly on the center cone.

If you hit the center cone, you get 2 points.

If you bowl within the square, but miss the center cone, you get 1 point.

If you bowl wide of the target you lose a point.

Get a batsman to face the delivery to make the drill more realistic.

Keep practicing the drills to improve your bowling.

Enjoy your game.


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