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Fielding Drills - Part 1

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Practice your fielding by watching this video.

This video is designed for beginners who wish to improve their Cricketing skills.
Watch the video Fielding Drills - Part 2 to learn more ways to improve your game.

By working through these fielding drills, you can practice and perfect your skills when fielding in cricket.

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In this video, you will improve your aim on the field.

This drill is meant for two or more players split into pairs.

To play, you will need 1 stump and 1 ball for every pair of players.

A pair of players position themselves opposite each other with a single stump in between.

1 player throws the ball aiming to hit the stump.

The player on the opposite side fields the ball and takes his turn to dislodge the stump.

A point is scored everytime the stump is hit.

You can also try playing with two balls thrown simultaneously to test your response time.

If you have more players a second pair could join on the remaining sides to play with the second ball.

The player with the highest score wins.

Enjoy your game.


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