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How to Bowl an Off Cutter

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Learn the Off Cutter bowl to improve your cricket skills

This video is meant for those wish to learn how to play Cricket.
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Watch this short video tutorial to learn all you need to know to bowl an off cutter and develop your bowling game

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In this video, you will learn how to bowl an off cutter.

The off cutter is a fast ball that turns into a right-handed batsman, often used by seam bowlers to get the ball to move when there is no help from the pitch.

It is bowled away towards the off stump and upon pitching, spins or cuts in towards the leg side, provided the ball lands on the seam or on rough surface.

The two key steps are the grip and the delivery.

To bowl an off cutter, grip the ball with your index finger on the seam and your middle finger a little away.

The thumb grips the ball from below.

Lock your wrist cocked backwards so the ball is released at the very last moment.

As you release, drag your fingers across the seam with a cutting motion down the right side of the ball.

Roll the ball out of your hand over your index finger, generating spin from left to right as it makes its way down the pitch.

Try pitching the Off Cutter on or outside off stump to a right-handed batsman at a good length.

This will hopefully get him to drive forward without expecting the turn into the stumps.

Keep practicing to perfect your off cutter .

Enjoy your game.


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