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Batting Placement Drill

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This Drill will help improve your ability to place the ball.

This video is part of a series that has been created to instruct complete beginners on the game of Cricket.
Watch the previous videos in this series to learn the different strokes played by the batsman.

Watch this short video to learn a drill to help you place this ball better when you bat in cricket.

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This drill will help batsmen gain control and accuracy over their shots while prompting the fielder to respond quickly.

The equipment you will need are: a bat, a ball, a set of stumps and 2 cones.

This game requires a minimum of 4 players.

Place two cones on the off side of the wicket, 10-15 feet apart, with a fielder in the middle.

A second player bats while a third throws the ball to the batsman.

A wicket keeper stands behing the stumps to stop the missed deliveries.

The bowler bowls underarm deliveries to the batsman, who attempts to hit each ball between the two cones.

The fielder tries to stop the ball from passing through.

If the ball does pass through the cones, the batsman gets one point.

If the ball is stopped by the fielder, the fielder gets 1 point.

Each batsman gets two overs to bat, after which the roles are rotated: The batsman becomes the next fielder, the keeper becomes the next batsmen and so forth.

The aim of this game is for the batsmen to control the ball, rather than to hit it as hard as possible past the fielder.

Change the location of the two cones to different zones around the batsman to cover different angles for placement.

Enjoy your game.


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