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Introduction to Bowling

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Learn what it takes to deliver a ball to the batsman.

Get acquainted with the fascinating game of Cricket over the course of this series of video tutorials.
In the next video, you will learn how to adopt the bowling action.

If you're playing cricket for the first time, watch this video to get to grips with the different elements involved in bowling.

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In this video, you will learn about bowling.

In cricket, the game is only in play once bowlers begin their run up to bowl to the batsman.

The bowler bowls six balls, collectively known as an over.

Deliveries fall into short pitched deliveries, good or full length deliveries or overpitched deliveries.

The length determines how high the ball is when it reaches the batsman.

The line of the ball may be aimed on and outside the leg stump, towards middle stump, or on and outside the off stump.

The bowler may attempt to force the batsman to play certain shots to create errors in judgement.

The chief objective is to get the batsman out by the conceding minimal runs in the process.

Just as a batsman is always looking to score runs, the bowler is on the lookout for dot balls and wickets.

The two primary categories of bowling are known as fast bowling and spin bowling.

Fast bowlers generally take longer run-ups and bowl straight and fast deliveries.

Spinners tend to a few paces before they deliver a slow paced ball that turns after the bounce.

Practice all variations and find the one that works best for you.

Enjoy your game.


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