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Basic Ball Drill

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These basic drills will help beginners get comfortable with the ball.

The primary target audiences beginners and kids who wish to understand and play Cricket.
Keep watching to learn more cricket drills.

Watch this short tutorial video to learn some drills that will help you practice handling a cricket ball.

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The following drill will help players get used to handling the ball.

You will need as many tennis balls as there are players.

Each player takes one ball.

Start by passing the ball from one hand to the other around your hips.

Do this as fast as possible while walking around in a circle with the other players.

After some time, pass the ball from one hand to the other around your head.

Pass it between the legs and then around the feet.

Try different variations.

The point is to get used to the ball and have some fun.

Next, with your right arm outstretched and palm facing down, hold out the tennis ball ready to drop it.

Next, toss the ball up and and catch it with the side of your fist.

Try the same with the back of your hand.

Drop the ball from high up and catch it with the same hand just before it hits the ground.

Next, repeat the same, but this time circle your hand around the ball before catching it.

Go through the entire sequence with your non throwing hand as well.

Finally, throw the ball straight up in the air and clap as many times as you can before catching it.

Count the number of claps and try to increase it the next time.

Try throwing the ball as high as possible to get a higher count of claps.

Continue the drills till you're all warmed up.

Enjoy your game.


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