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Wicket Keeping Drills - Part 1

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Improve your wicket keeping skills by following these drills.

This video is designed for newcomers to the sport of Cricket.
Watch the video on the basics of wicket keeping to learn more about the role.

This short tutorial video will present you with some drills that you can practice to perfect your wicket keeping skills

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In this video you will learn basic drills for the wicket keeper.

These drills will help improve your lateral mobility, balance, catches and reaction time.

You will need stumps, a cricket ball and cones.

Wear pads and gloves whenever you can to get used to moving in them.

Get someone to stand two feet in front of you with a stump in each hand held shoulder's width apart at chest height.

Stand in the middle of the stumps in the wicket keeping stance.

With a bobbing movement to avoid the stumps, move right, then back to the center and then left.

Now, lower the stumps to just below your knee height and repeat the movement, this time stepping over the stumps.

As you get better, try to move so that only one foot is grounded at any time.

Place a ball on a cone, five feet away on either side and get into your stance, holding a third ball in you hands.

Stay low and move quickly from sideways, exchanging the ball on each cone with the one in your hand.

Two players stand 10 feet opposite each other with a cone placed 5 feet on either side of each of them.

A ball is placed in front of the cone that lies to the left of both players.

Moving to the left, both players roll the ball towards the cone on the right of the opposite player and move quickly to their right to collect the other ball.

Now, they roll the ball to the cone on the left of the opposite player and move left to collect.

For more workouts watch wicket keeping drills part 2.

Enjoy your game.


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