In this educational video program, you will learn how to play cricket. The aim of the program is to make cricket accessible to all individuals who are eager to learn, and inspire them to enjoy the game, develop great stamina, reflexes, flexibility and general fitness over the course of nearly 60 simple and easy-to-follow tutorial videos. The step-by-step breakdown of the rules, the batting shots, bowling, drills and fun games will serve as a solid foundation. The exercises in this video program are specially designed so that they are accessible to complete beginners as well as to more experienced players who want to get a better grasp of the basics and hone their existing skills. This program was created thanks to the support of Decathlon, SIKANA's partner for the Sports topic, and with the participation of SIX, an organization that offers cricket training camps for all and that is mentored by one of India's best cricketers, Rahul Dravid. Cricket is extremely accessible and can be played on a field, on mud, at the beach, on terraces or on streets. We hope that these videos will help and inspire you to try your hand at this great sport. Enjoy your game!

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