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Bowl Out

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This video will show you how to improve your bowling with a fun and competitive game.

Make sure you don't miss the other fun games from this series.

Encourage a group of bowlers to achieve perfect line and length by practicing this simple and fun game.

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The bowl out is a game to decide the winner in a tied limited overs match.

The concept is similar to a penalty shootout in football.

Bowlers target the stumps one by one and the team with the most hits wins the game.

Get two or more bowlers per team and one wicket keeper to return the ball after each delivery.

Take turns to bowl and aim the wicket.

If the delivery hits the stumps, you get one point.

Each bowler can bowl a limited number of times, in this case it's three.

If the score is tied after three attempts each, you could have a sudden death.

As soon as a bowler hits the stumps and the opponent misses it, the game is over.

Enjoy your game.


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