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Learn the Backlift and Footwork

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Watch and learn the importance of the backlift and footwork in a batsman's technique.

This content will help you understand the fundamentals of Cricket.
Make sure you have also watched the previous video on the grip and stance of the batsman.

When learning to bat, you need to make sure you get you master the backlift as well as your footwork. This video will teach you everything you need to know on both counts!

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In this video, you will learn the importance of a high backlift and good footwork.

The two key steps are: the backlift and the footwork.

The backlift helps create momentum to power your shot through.

As the bowler approaches their end of the pitch, roll your front shoulder forward and raise up your bat behind you, getting ready to swing it towards the ball.

If you raise the bat towards the inside of the stumps, your body gets in the way of strokes played to the leg side.

For efficient footwork, slightly flex your knees to bring your weight onto the balls of your feet, getting ready to move your body in response to the ball.

To play a front foot shot, transfer your weight by taking a step forward.

Open the angle of the toe to play a shot to the leg side, or close the angle for a shot to the offside.

You can also play off your back foot by taking a step back.

If needed, you can also step out to the pitch of the ball.

Step forward with the front foot, followed by the back foot and front foot in quick succession.

Effective footwork will help you move your head, and therefore your center of gravity, towards the line of delivery.

Enjoy your game.


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