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How to Play a Front Foot Defence

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This video will teach you how to play the front foot defence.

This video series will give you basic insight into the game of Cricket.
In the next video, you will learn to play a back foot defensive shot.

A front foot defence is a useful way of getting used to the pitch. Find out how to perfect this stroke by watching this simple tutorial video.

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In this video, you will learn how to play a front foot defensive shot.

As a shot that simply blocks the ball, the front-foot or forward defence is helpful while getting used to the pitch.

Any well-pitched delivery headed towards the stumps is a perfect opportunity to play the front foot defence.

The three key steps are the position, the shot and the follow through.

Relax your body and assume a balanced stance with your eyes level.

Step towards the pitch of the ball with a bent front knee and transfer your weight by leaning forward.

With a short back swing, or none at all, make contact directly below your eyes.

Remember that a gap between your bat and pad creates the risk of getting bowled.

Keep the bat angled down to avoid getting caught and play against the line of the delivery.

If the ball is heading outside off stump, step slightly across the crease and hit the ball with a straight face towards the ground.

Keep practicing the stroke to perfect your front foot defense.

Enjoy your game.


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