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How to Bowl in Cricket - Part 1

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Watch this video to get used to the basic movement used to bowl a delivery in Cricket.

Learn the basic concepts and techniques of Cricket.
Keep watching to learn the complete bowling action.

Bowling is an important technique that you will need to master when you play cricket. This short tutorial video will help you get started!

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In this video, you will learn the bowling action.

The four key steps are the grip, the approach, the delivery stride, and the follow through.

Hold the ball with the seam upright.

Place the index finger on one side and the middle finger on the other.

The thumb should grip the middle of the seam from beneath.

The ring and little fingers should be folded onto the palm.

To begin with, simply hold the ball and walk towards the bowling crease.

About 3 feet from the stumps start into a leaping motion by lifting up the leg on the side of your non bowling arm, with its knee and foot pointed straight ahead.

Position your bowling hand between your eye and the target, and raise your non bowling arm further up in the air.

Plant your back foot on the crease and swing your non-bowling arm down as you move your weight smoothly forward onto a stiff front leg.

Extend your bowling arm and swing it in an arc behind and over your shoulder, to release the ball from its highest point.

Lean forward and swing your bowling arm across your body and past the opposite waist.

A common mistake for beginners is to land on the same foot that they lept from.

Walk towards the stumps and keep practicing the leap, delivery and the follow through.

Enjoy your game.


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