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Learn to Knock In a New Cricket Bat

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Learn to season your brand new cricket bat before you start playing with it with this short tutorial video.

Make sure you haven't missed any of the previous videos on how to play cricket.

Avoid damaging your brand new cricket bat by first knocking it in. This video will show you how!

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In this video, you will learn how to knock in a new cricket bat.

The equipment that you will need are a wooden mallet, old socks, a rope, an old ball and your new bat.

Make sure you have a wooden mallet with a round striking surface.

Tap very lightly along the surface using a wooden mallet with a rounded striking surface.

gently knock-in the striking surface of th bat till the top layer is hardened and compressed.

You may also use an old cricket ball if you don't have a mallet.

Make sure you work uniformly on all parts.

Don't leave out the edges, sides and shoulders.

Keep knocking repeatedly 10-20,000 times.

Eventually, tie the ball inside a sock and hang it down from the ceiling or a tree trunk where you have space to move around.

You can use any hook or structure that allows you to hit the ball repeatedly.

This is the best time to practice your batting strokes.

Ask a friend to throw the old ball under arm as you return it to him as light catches.

Enjoy your game.


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