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Catching Drills

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These drills will help improve your catching ability.

Keep practicing this drill to develop safe hands.
Make sure you haven't missed any of the drills shown previously in this series.

Follow the steps in this video to learn some exercises that will help you perfect your catching skills

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These drills will help you improve your catching skills.

Start with a simple catching exercise by standing opposite a second player and exchanging catches with only your right hand.

After a while, switch to catching with only your left hand.

Next, continue the drill and catch with both hands.

You can also try the same with two balls thrown simultaneously.

One ball is exchanged between the left hands while the second ball is exchanged between the right hands.

If you are four or more players, get into pairs and compete with each other over who can complete a set routine first.

Exchange ten catches with the left hand, followed by ten with the right hand and finally 10 with both hands.

Form two parallel lines with two players in each facing each other.

The first player of a line throws the ball to the first player of the opposite line and runs to the end of their line.

This goes on in quick succession as the players start moving in a group as fast as they can coordinate.

Try the same with two balls.

If you have more players you can use three or more balls or form two groups and race against each.

Enjoy your game.


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