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Learn the Equipment Used for Batting

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Familiarize yourself with the equipment used to bat in Cricket.

Discover training tips and learn the rules of Cricket.
Keep watching to learn the basics of Bowling.

When learning to play cricket, it's important that you know about each piece of equipment and how to use it properly. This short video tutorial will take you through everything you need to know about the equipment for batting.

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In this video, you will learn about the equipment used by the batsman.

It is important to wear basic protective equipment when facing the cricket ball in order to avoid serious injury.

The thigh guard is worn on the leg that faces the delivery to shield the thigh from being bruised by a fast paced ball.

The pads protect the shin and knee from being struck by the ball.

Ensure that the loose ends of the straps are on the inside of your legs.

The chest guard is helpful to avoid getting hurt by short-pitched deliveries bowled at higher speeds.

The elbow guard protects the forearm and elbow from getting injured when in the line of fire.

A helmet with a faceguard must be worn by the batsman facing a delivery.

Secure the helmet with the chin strap to hold it in place.

The Abdominal Guard or Box is a cup worn to protect the pelvis against impact from the cricket ball.

Gloves are necessary to protect your hands when batting.

The fingers of the gloves are padded extept for the thumb of the hand gripping the top of the handle, which is usually concealed.

The cricket bat has a blade whose flat face is used to hit the ball and is held by a rubber grip handle.

Ideally, the bat should reach the top of the batsman's thigh, when held in stance.

Protect yourself and enjoy your game.


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