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Fielding Drills - Part 2

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Follow these drills to hone your fielding.

The video is designed for beginners as well as long term players who wish to brush up their basic knowledge and techniques.
Don't miss the video Fielding Drills - Part 1.

In this second video on fielding drills, we will take you through some exercise to help you practice your skills when fielding in cricket.

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In this video, you will learn basic Fielding drills.

Stand 10 feet apart from a partner and throw the ball to each other under arm.

Gradually move further apart and throw the ball sideways, focusing on a relaxed arm action.

As the distance from your partner increases, throw the ball overarm, accurately, in a long arc.

Eventually move back towards your partner till you are at a close range again.

To improve your arm action, kneel on the leg on the side of your throwing arm and create a T with your arms and body.

Throw the ball to your team mate by getting your elbow high through the release point.

Next, stand in a circle or semi circle around a batsman.

Throw the ball underarm to the batsman and receive flat catches in a spontaneous order.

Practice and repetiton are essential for developing a good technique.

Enjoy your game.


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