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How to Bowl a Leg Cutter

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Learn to play the Leg Cutter by watching this tutorial video.

The information presented here is intended to introduce beginners and enthusiasts to Cricket.
Keep watching to learn how to bowl an Off Cutter.

If you're looking to improve your bowling skills, check out the step-by-step instructions to master the technique of bowling a leg cutter.

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In this video, you will learn how to bowl a leg cutter.

The Leg Cutter is a fast ball that turns away from a right-handed batsman.

It swings in to leg stump and upon pitching, spins towards the off side.

The two key steps are the grip and the delivery.

To bowl a leg cutter, grip the ball with your middle finger on the seam and your index finger a little away on the left of the seam.

The thumb grips the ball from below.

Cock your wrist backwards so the ball is released at the very last moment.

As you release, drag your fingers across the seam with a cutting motion down the left side of the ball.

Roll the ball out of your hand over your ring and little fingers, generating spin from right to left as it makes its way down the pitch.

Try bowling the leg cutter outside the off stump to the right-handed batsman at a good length.

Since the cutter is a slower ball cloaked under a fast action, the deception may confuse the batsman into driving forward without expecting the change in line.

Keep practicing to perfect your leg cutter.

Enjoy your game.


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