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How to Bowl Good Length

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Watch and learn how to bowl good length.

This program has been developed to aid skills development in the game of Cricket.
Make sure you didn't miss the last video on bowling good line.

By following the step-by-step instructions, you can learn how to gauge the length of your delivery correctly, otherwise known as bowling good length

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In this video, you will learn how to bowl good length.

The distance before the wicket where the ball pitches is described as being short, good or full length.

A delivery of good length gets the batsman to hesitate over whether they should step back or forward as the ball could gain too much height for a safe shot along the ground.

It is usually about five steps from the batting crease at the point from where the ball bounces up to hit the bails.

If you take your delivery stride too soon, or try and bowl fast and release the ball late, you may end up bowling short of good length.

A full length or an overpitched delivery occurs when the ball is released early.

It lets the batsman drive the ball away comfortably.

A full toss is a ball that reaches the batsman without pitching.

A yorker pitches close to the feet of the batsmen making it difficult for them to play a shot.

Practice varying the length of the delivery to surprise the batsman.

Enjoy your game.


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